Lessons and tours


Horse riding is one of the activities that provides the most peace and well-being. Increases your concentration and has benefits on a cognitive, psychological, neuromuscular and social level.

If you are looking for a unique and exciting experience, we invite you to discover our routes and lessons. Enjoy nature and the peace while you travel through surprising landscapes on the back of a beautiful horse. Book your horseback riding route with us and live an unforgettable adventure.


Lessons and tours

Make your children enjoy horses by learning to ride from a good foundation: riding technique, respect for animals and teamwork. Sharing this experience with other children and having fun is the best way to reach the goal.

If you are a lover of nature and animals, this is your option!

A sport loaded with physical and psychological advantages. Riding is more than a simple activity, …it is being part of a team: you and the horse.

  • 50€/person 1 hour and a half initiation lesson and tour
  • 60€/person 2 hours tour
  • 45€/person 1 hour lesson or tour (for 1 or 2 persons)
  • 35€/person 1 hour lesson or tour (for groups more than 2 persons)
  • 80€ 1 hour tour in horse carriage (capacity 5 adults or 2 adults and 5 children)
  • Adult voucher €200 5 lessons €40 each. (lasts 3 months)
  • Adult voucher €300 10 lessons €30 each. (lasts 5 months)
  • Child voucher (or family completing group) €250 10 lessons €25 each. (lasts 5 months)

For group classes, a minimum of 3 people is necessary.
Classes are approximately 40 minutes and 1 hour between putting on and taking off the saddle and handling the horse.


Enjoying a day outdoors with good food, conversation and laughter, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and create unforgettable memories.

Picnic tea with pastries: 10€/ person
(minimum 2 persons)

Tea with pastries

Local pastries and tea or coffee

Appetizer picnic : 12€/person

(minimum 2 persons)

Wine, beer, Coca-Cola

French fries (bag)



“Picos” and bread

Traditional picnic: 30 €/person

(minimum 2 persons)

Wine, vermut, beer, Coca-Cola

Broth / gazpacho

Homemade potato omelet

Assorted sandwiches



“Picos” y bread


Enjoy fun horse riding routes through impressive landscapes, where you can live a unique experience and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

The activity consists of immersing yourself in the world of the horse through natural training, carrying out, as a family, different dynamics with these beautiful animals: contact, dressage exercises and in some cases you will get to ride the horse and interact with themselves.

The farm is located in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama Natural Park, in a privileged enclave between the towns of Colladillo and Cañicosa, province of Segovia.

We are waiting for you all to enjoy the best family plan.

Family plan with horses
(1’5 hour)

  •  50€/adult person
  • 20€/child up to 11 years
  • Must be 5 adults and 4 children

    Great family plan
    (3 horas)

    •  2/3 families
    • Approach to the horse from natural dressage
    • Interaction with horses
    • Wine/soft drink, local cheese and bread
    • 180€/family 2 adults 3 children
    • Additional adult 20€
    • Additional child 12€

    Natural dressage and accompaniment events

    Horses that heal

    The first approach to the horse is the most rewarding, seeking a connection between him and me to be able to work with respect and collaboration. This is the true foundation for achieving a good relationship between rider and horse in any equestrian discipline.

    This way of working serves as a platform to treat and improve the lives of people who are interested in this process. We use EQUINOTHERAPY as a rehabilitative approach to improve physical and psychological aspects of the person. We take advantage of the horse’s three-dimensional movement to improve and enhance balance, muscle tone and postural control. Objectives from other areas such as communication, socialization, self-esteem are also worked on.