We offer a fun and relaxed experience for private or company groups, where you can disconnect and get to know the horse in its natural environment and have a great time. Depending on your needs, we can organize a full-day experience with a picnic on the same property or in the medieval town of Pedraza, where accommodation can be reserved if you are looking for a longer event.

Program content:

  • Meet the horse in its natural environment.
  • Approach to the horse from natural dressage.
  • Practical demonstration and interaction with horses.
  • Country food on demand.
  • Group dynamics on demand.


The duration of the event will be determined for the client on demand. It can be a day or weekend experience.


A group price will be determined based on the objectives selected.

Paseo en calesa en Pedraza y sus tierras

One-day natural dressage masterclass

Program content:

  • Meet the horse from applied equine ethology.
  • Natural Dressage Bases.
  • Practical demonstration and work with your feet on the ground.


Saturday morning: Theory and practice (approximately 3´5 hours).
Lunch included.
Saturday afternoon: practice (approximately 4 hours).


€80 /person (food included).
Limited places until the group is complete (minimum 8 people).

Next dates:

Saturday July 6.
Saturday July 13.
Saturday July 20.

Intensive weekend natural dressage course

Program content:

  • Horse characteristics.
  • What is Natural Dressage?
  • Natural Dressage Bases.
  • Practical demonstration.
  • Work with horses with your feet on the ground.
  • Work with the horse riding on it.


Friday afternoon: theory (approximately 3 hours).
Saturday morning: Theory and practice (approximately 3.5 hours).
Lunch included.
Saturday afternoon:practice (approximately 4 hours).
Sunday morning: fractice (approximately 4 hours).


€160 /person (Saturday lunch included).
LImited places until the group is complete (minimum 8 people).

Next dates:

May 3, 4 and 5 .
May 10, 11 and 12 .
June 7, 8 and 9 .

Accompaniment with horeses and nature

“Meet the horse and know yourself”

In this personalized program we do an immersion work in the essence of the horse: the way the horse understands its environment, how it learns and lives. During this process we create tools that serve us, as people to solve vital questions and possible conflicts.

We work as a team with the horses, in a very special natural environment, with the help of Oscar Garzón, an experienced accompaniment professional, and Enrique Zunzunegui, an expert in natural dressage and equine behavior.

Program content:

  • Approach to the horse from natural dressage.
  • Interaction with horses in the middle of nature.
  • Snack (wine/soft drink and cheese with rustic bread).
  • Personalized dynamics.
  • Mentoring to personalize what has been experienced with the horses.

Duration (3 individual sessions):

Session 1: Previous online or in-person interview with Oscar Garzón to delve deeper into the objectives, clarify questions and/or “pains” and focus on future sessions.

Session 2: Practice with Enrique Zunzunegui and the horses.

Session 3: Concretion and work as observed with Oscar Garzón.


€205 /persona.

Next dates:

Request an appointment.

Horse car ride

Horse carriage ride guided by an expert coachman to enjoy a relaxed group plan. Perfect to book a picnic and enjoy with family and friends in an unbeatable natural environment.

Price: €80

1 hour/full horse carriage.

Capacity 5 adults / 2 adults and 5 children.

(Picnic prices and reservation button).